Service & Solutions Office IT Support

Looking for a solution to the following issues?

Want to setup IT equipment/devices but it is troublesome
Want to speed up/optimize a network environment
Want to install the server and add safe and secure backup function
Want to create a remote work environment safely and securely
Struggling to solve computer/server/network issues
Considering cloud backup but unsure where to start

Service overview

Problems often occur with the various IT devices used in office environments during both installation and operation. Ensuring a robust office IT infrastructure can minimize such trouble.
Office IT Support is a service to solve various concerns and requirements related to IT in the office. Our highly experienced engineer will visit the site to conduct a hearing to identify the issues with the current infrastructure environment. Thereafter, we will thoroughly discuss with the customer about the best possible solutions to move forward to implementation.
We ensure to manage your office IT environment so that you can focus on your core business.

Service features

Hardware and software

Sale and installation / setup of IT products (hardware), office devices, software


Handle a wide range of support, from LAN setup to the installation of security devices and teleconferencing systems.

IT helpdesk

Handle troubleshooting on-site / remotely


Data backup, OS updates, on-site maintenance, and repairs, etc.

Support for the ASEAN region

We can provide support not only in Singapore but also other locations such as Kuala Lumpur (in Malaysia) and Yangon (in Myanmar). Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

List of provided services

Hardware and software

Sale and installation of IT products / office related devices
Repair and troubleshooting for PC and IT products


Configuring LAN/networks
Installing DSL lines
Installing security devices such as firewalls
Installing server devices
Installing workstations
Installing printers and scanners, etc.
Installing teleconferencing systems


Setting and checking data backups
Updating Windows OS
Performing hard drive maintenance
Checking/resolving PC errors
Preventing, detecting, and removing viruses and spyware on PC
Optimization and clean-up of PC
Software update

IT helpdesk

Remote / on-site support (adhoc)

Case study

Company size Medium to small companies (around 30 employees)
Industry office IT support
Service name Installation/setup of devices for a better network infrastructure.
Request Want to setup the servers and network including data backups for enhancing business operation. Currently using NAS only.
Description Install firewalls and windows servers (including AD) for the IT admin to manage office network and users easily. Setup a hybrid backup system, cloud and external remote backup
Before Everything on-premises, including the NAS and backups.
After Installed firewalls and servers to setup Active Directory (AD) for easier user management.
Setup two-layer backups for enhancement.
Major benefits Setting up a better network infrastructure with AD for IT administrators to manage network and users collectively.  Enhancing backup system with dual-layer of cloud and external remote for further BCP measures.