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Our company started out as a subsidiary of INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. ("ID") of Japan in May 2012.

Japanese companies are actively expanding its business overseas, and it is remarkable especially in Southeast Asia.
Although ID group has been in China for the past 10 years providing IT support for Japanese companies, we also need to understand the needs of Japanese companies situated in Southeast Asia and be able to be flexible and quick to respond to them, thus, aiming to provide a high quality services, we have set up a base here in Singapore.

Our specialty in many years of technical know-how that we have accumulated such as system operation management for data centers in financial institutes, designing and setting up of IT infrastructure, software development and so on.

With the business alliances that we have here, we will continue to expand and proactively reach out to Japanese companies outside of Singapore.

One of the philosophy of ID Group is the spirit of
“We shall make judgments based on what is right or wrong, not on material gain or loss”.

Thus we are not bounded by immediate gains, but for every member to contribute to the development and stability of society and become “an information service company, dedicated to the creation of exciting futures for everyone”.

Thank you very much for your continued warm support and we hope to serve you better.