IT is the driving force behind creating a society.
We believe that IT can be the driving force of creating a new society.
We can provide various services depending on your needs such as helpdesk support, office support, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and etc.

"We wish to express our deepest sympathies to those affected people and
involved parties caused by the disease during the outbreak of pandemic
coronavirus (COVID-19). We also wish those who remain ill a swift recovery
and expeditious return to their daily lives."

Based on our broad experiences overseas and great support from ID Group, we can confidently provide IT consultation in relation to system operations and IT Security Services for your organization.

System Operation Consultation
System Operation Consultation
Through the use of ITSM framework, we can help your organization realize more effective and secure system operations.
IT Staff Services
IT Staff Services

We provide IT staff to support your daily IT needs. Contact us for part-time or ad-hoc support.
Office Support / Product Sales
OfficeSupport / Product Sales
Sales and setup support of PC and IT Products. Setting up inter-organizational networks.
IT Security Services
IT Security Services

Comprehensive IT Security Services such as: IT Security Training; IT Security Documentation; IT audit services, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing; Forensics investigation certified for court proceedings.
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